Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Become a more inspiring, transformative leader.

The world is changing around today’s leaders and it’s not going to stop. The business environment has become more complex. Mandates and expectations of leaders and teams have evolved. What motivates a workforce has changed. Traditional leadership models just aren’t cutting it anymore.

The SalesWise Leadership Development program is specifically designed for progressive, courageous, people-oriented leadership teams. It uses innovative assessment tools and learning processes that will create conditions that unleash your collaborative, business-building promise.

Leadership Development teaches you and your colleagues the skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to succeed in today’s changing business world:
  • Builds your confidence, courage and effectiveness.
  • Increases emotional, social and relationship intelligence.
  • Teaches practical skills and attitudes so that you and your colleagues can become more effective coach-like leaders.
  • Expands leadership capacity to take on more complexity.
  • Develops effective collaborations with colleagues.
  • Helps you and your colleagues discover the noble purpose and values that will fuel your success.
  • Cultivates a culture that creates a transformative, inspiring environment where your whole team can work to its full potential. 

“Leadership can be fuzzy for people. Nicki and Janet provided us with specific and practical language, tools, and frameworks that grounded us in how to be effective leaders and cultivate a strong culture. They bridged theory into reality and made leadership and team development tangible.”

Raegan Bond

Former VP of Conservation & Demand Management, PowerStream/Alectra Utilities

How We Do It

  • Discovery conversation to assess current reality and what the team wants to learn
  • Process over time – 6-12 months – in a series of onsite or virtual sessions
  • Highly experiential learning with practice embedded in and in-between sessions
  • Focuses on natural strengths and talents and how to leverage them in developing a personal brand of leadership
  • Identifies personal values to inform your leadership approach
  • Skills development-focused 
  • Reflective practices – a foundation of great leadership practice
  • Focused on transformation – a deep understanding of who you are and how you work, lead and collaborate best
  • Techniques to assess and elevate your leadership team’s culture
  • Co-facilitated by Nicki and Janet Frood

Tools and Processes We Use

  • CliftonStrengths
  • Coach-like leadership skills and practices
  • Meeting facilitation practices to maximize productivity and engagement
  • Dare To Lead™
  • Tribal Leadership – how to assess your team’s culture and learn the skills effective leaders use to elevate their team’s culture from “Me” to “We”; articulate your personal and the team’s noble purpose and values
  • Change leadership mindsets and skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback that motivates
  • Reflective practice tools