About SalesWise

About SalesWise

Meet “JaNicki”!

We are Nicki Weiss and Janet Frood. Together, we are JaNicki.

Since 2017, we have partnered together to co-facilitate leadership development, team coaching and organizational health and culture development programs for our clients. We love what we do and we do it so well together that some people call us “JaNicki”.

By co-leading together, our clients gain the benefit of our collective experience and insights and we also model a healthy relationship system and the power of collaboration.

Nicki Weiss and Janet Frood

We both believe in the power of working together with groups and teams. Team dynamics are often complicated and require multiple sets of eyes and hearts to understand what is going on and help the team see what is and isn’t working in their relationship system.

And because we both believe in leading from strengths rather than shoring up weaknesses, we combine our strengths in service of your needs. We help teams to articulate their strengths so they can get to excellence and leverage the best of who they are.

Depending on the size of your group and the program you have signed up for, you may have both of us working together with you to make sure that everyone on your team gets the maximum benefits and insights we offer.

Our Noble Purpose And Shared Values

Our Noble Purpose is to help leaders and teams work courageously together to cultivate a healthy, collaborative, high-performance culture.

Our shared values are the root of how we work together and in partnership with our clients:

Connectedness: We believe in helping people see how they fit into the larger picture – of an organization, team or community. We believe that silos are barriers to the highest potential of a group of people working together. We help people see the connections between their talents, actions, missions and successes. When people believe in what they are doing and are part of something bigger, commitment to achievement is exponentially enhanced.

Nicki Weiss and Janet Frood

“Sparkly” Energy: We believe in the possibility that lives in what we call “sparkly energy” – being vibrant and hopeful and making a difference in the world. We believe that fun, joy and heightened energy all contribute to connectedness, and that this fuels engagement and productivity. We always emphasize that “sparkly energy” needs to be nurtured with intention so that teams can get into a creative flow together.

Healthy Relationships: We believe that when you invest in relationships, everything is possible. We are committed to cultivating environments where people feel a sense of belonging. Healthy relationships take commitment, intention, work and support.

Daring: We believe in being curious, leaning into vulnerability, and taking bold steps for the sake of achieving a compelling noble purpose. Daring is when we face a challenge and are afraid, but do it anyway. It requires speaking up and speaking the truth. It’s about learning from challenges and adapting. It requires deep reflection. And daring supports transformation.