About SalesWise

About SalesWise

The Tools Janet Uses

Janet uses a number of proven methods and tools to help individuals on the cusp of change to develop new insight and awareness, boost confidence, understand leadership impact and identify their potential. Janet is a ICF certified coach and licensed to use the following programs and tools: 


Gain a better understanding of both conscious and unconscious behaviours that determine your success. The Results System™ uncovers profound insights that can help you accelerate progress towards your goals.


Learn to focus on your natural talents instead of fixating on shortcomings. CliftonStrengths helps you uncover your own unique combination of talent, knowledge and skills so that you can transform your work life and crystallize your brand of leadership.


There’s more to effective leadership than creative competencies. The Leadership Circle Profile™ connects competencies and underlying motivations to illustrate key opportunities for development. Leaders will gain an increased inner awareness that affects outward behaviour.

The Leadership Culture Survey™→

Through the Leadership Culture Survey™, you’ll gain an understanding of the difference between your organization’s current leadership culture and its desired culture. Identify opportunities to develop leadership, build alignment towards a common vision for your culture, and establish tools to change and grow together.


Teams are more than just the sum of their parts. Rather than focus on individuals, the Team Diagnostic™ Assessment examines your team as a whole and explores factors that promote productivity and positivity. It lays the foundation for on-going team development and growth.

RSI@Work™ →

Relationship Systems Intelligence™ begins with an understanding of oneself and teaches an understanding of others’ emotional experiences. Ultimately leaders, teams and organizations have the ability to identify with each other and facilitate productive human interaction.


Leadership is a practice of courage. However, in her research Brené Brown, identified 10 behaviours and cultural issues leaders identified that get in the way of healthy and courageous cultures. The common thread is how leaders and teams deal with fear, uncertainty and disconnection. Courage-building includes four traits and skills – rumbling with vulnerability, living into our values, braving trust and learning to rise. The curriculum of the Dare to Lead™ program helps build awareness of self and others and provides tangible skills and practices to apply every day.

Conflict Dynamic Profile® →

Navigating conflict is more effective with improved self-awareness of what is triggering conflict with your team or organization. The Conflict Dynamics Profile® demonstrates practical approaches for improved conflict resolution, leading to a more positive environment.

Appreciation at Work →

Authentic appreciation has the power to improve relationships among colleagues, to maximize employee engagement and to make your workplace a more positive environment. The Appreciation at Work assessment and development tools focus on proactive and effective ways to demonstrate meaningful appreciation using the different “languages” that people prefer. Based on the book Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, this assessment and tool kit are great for team-building, positivity and enhancing culture.