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SalesWise Academy

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SalesWise Academy helps leaders and members of their technical sales and sales support teams work together to get the results that make them proud. Our members receive short, easy-to-apply lessons on strategically chosen topics.

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Wed June 21st 

How to Create a Bullet Proof Sales Strategy on the Back of a Napkin

Most leaders and salespeople think they know a lot about strategy, but their results say otherwise. They also make developing strategy complicated and difficult to execute.

In our upcoming SalesWise Academy lesson, our focus a simple process to create a powerful, bullet proof, and exciting strategy that gets results.

What we will cover:

  • The 5 embarrassingly simple components to create strategy…so easy, you can create strategy on the back of a napkin
  • How to create strategy that ensures you are “on purpose”, so you and your customers stay motivated and interested
  • How to ensure your strategy takes into account EVERYTHING, so you understand the extraordinary amount of value you can provide your customer

Creating A Simple, Bullet Proof Sales Strategy = more revenue for you and your customers!

Our integrated coaching skills program for sales managers, and sales training program for their sales teams, gives busy sales professionals practical tools they need to add millions to the bottom line – in 10 minute lessons.

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The program is run by the president of SalesWise, Nicki Weiss. Our members say their customer interactions are now more positive and productive, and feed their soul and their bank accounts more easily.

Don’t just take our word for it:

  • “By applying what I learned in the SalesWise Academy, I recently uncovered two whale sized opportunities: one is worth $2M…the other could be worth $30M or more. This is a very effective program.” Taylor Veleke, Field Applications Engineer
  • “We are much more effective “whale hunters”. We implemented the whale hunting process for a national customer that we learned in the SalesWise Academy, and won new business in every region.” Gilbert LeBlond, President
  • “The SalesWise Academy helps us sharpen our capabilities every day. We have been members for over 3 years and are still learning, growing as people and our business, and succeeding.” Rick LaPiana, President
  • “The SalesWise Academy content and process are excellent. We have sales managers, account managers, and engineers in the program. We sell highly engineered forged solutions. Our selling skills, strategic thinking, and ability to be more effective with our customers has definitely improved.” Tony Biell, Director of Metallurgy

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