Clifton Strengths

Clifton Strengths

The CliftonStrengths Development program is based on the CliftonStrengths Assessment Tool developed by the Gallup Organization. The purpose of this productivity tool is to help you and your team discover what you naturally do best, where you have the most potential and what makes you exceptional as individuals.

When people work from their strengths, they can achieve excellence in ways that trying to shore up weaknesses never can. Identifying and understanding these Strengths is your key to transforming your work life, making meaningful choices and crystallizing your brand of leadership.

In addition to identifying your Strengths, this program will also help attendees understand the Strengths of others and how “Strength Partnering” can elevate the productivity of the whole team.

You will come away from this program with an action-planning guide that draws on these insights so that you can be:

  • more engaged at work
  • more productive
  • happier and healthier
  • part of a collaborative culture that achieves excellence

“My one-on-one sessions with Nicki have strengthened my core values, as well as giving me the knowledge and strength to deal with the difficult decisions.”

Rick Court

COO, Round Table Management Ltd.

How We Do It

  • All team members do the CliftonStrengths assessment and receive an individual report.
  • We compile the team results and provide customized individual and team reports for deeper learning. 
  • Team sessions are held to explore the individual Strengths Profile of each member and examine the team results together.
  • We identify ways of embedding Strengths in your roles and how to partner with others who have different strengths so the results are stronger than if you were to do the work yourself.
  • Leaders are trained on how to provide feedback for team members’ development.
  • We discuss how to cascade this learning into forming a Strengths-based culture.
  • We connect how Strengths-based Leadership is linked to coach-like leadership.

Tools We Use

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment Tool