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Sales Training: Professional Sales Negotiation

Most salespeople don’t understand the difference between selling and negotiating. Negotiating sounds sexy…selling sounds manipulative. However, selling is a more complex and difficult process, because it is the skill of creating value.

Negotiating is the skill of trading once the customer sees the value but can’t live with some aspect of your offer. This sales negotiating training program provides participants with the fundamentals of negotiating: what it is, when to do it, how negotiating differs from selling, and the skills and concepts needed to do it well. This ensures that salespeople will be better prepared to satisfy their customers, their organizations, and themselves when they negotiate.

Sales Training Program Locations

All of our sales training programs can be held on-site throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, as well, Saleswise is available to hold training sessions throughout North America. Contact us to get more information about this sales training program.