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Landing Whale Sized Deals

Finding and landing whale sized deals, by definition, are opportunities that are larger than one person can handle. That means you need to collaborate – on steroids – with all the members of your organization, key people at the customer organization, and perhaps a host of other suppliers for products and services that you don’t offer.

Whale sized deals probably come to your organization every now and again. If you want to create a culture that focuses on the strategies and skills required to regularly land whale sized deals, this program is a must for key members of your organization.

Small and medium sized fish can keep you fed on a daily basis. Whale sized deals can keep your company’s fridge full for a long time.

Learn to create a culture of intense collaboration, discipline, and strategy. Landing whale sized deals requires leadership at all levels of the organization. The process is fun, engaging, and profitable.

Sales teams will learn to:

  • Focus leadership across the entire company
  • Embrace new roles and pursue them effectively
  • Prepare extensively
  • Manage your sales process aggressively
  • No longer tolerate the uncertainty of traditional sales efforts

Sales Training Program Locations

All of our sales training programs can be held on-site throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, as well, Saleswise is available to hold training sessions throughout North America. Contact us to get more information about this sales training program.