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I Hate Cold Calling!: A Better Way for Reps to Prospect and Get In

Imagine you’re a general, and you and your military advisers are designing an attack on a fortified position. One of your officers makes this suggestion: “Let’s attack the target with one soldier.” You look at him as if he’s crazy. “All right, then we’ll attack it with one plane.” Now you know he’s crazy, and tell him so. “OK, then, we’ll fire one missile at it.”

You can see immediately how useless – and suicidal – sending in just one of anything is going to be. Yet that is exactly what cold calling is. Salespeople in every industry often pick a single spot and go after it single-handedly. Then you wonder why you don’t get results!

Cold calling can be time consuming and ineffective. A modern, effective sales strategy is to create simple marketing campaigns to help pique your prospect's interest, therefore creating a willingness on their part to talk to you, even if just for a few minutes.

This program is for a team of salespeople. In it, you will learn how to get motivated, qualified prospects to chase you instead of you chasing them. With a marketing perspective (vs. a prospecting perspective) you can grow your business substantially, levelling out the peaks and valleys that haunt most sales organizations.

In this sales program you will:

  • Develop the cold calling skills and confidence necessary to proactively prospect for new business
  • Increase comfort and confidence with prospecting
  • Learn a prospecting process
  • Create a letter to launch a prospecting campaign IMMEDIATELY
  • Learn how to follow up and get an appointment

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