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Coach-like Leadership Training:

"Immediately after completing the Creating A Team of Superstars course, one of my reps secured a multi-million dollar account. He was working on his first contract negotiation. Among other things, I used the 5 top questions that Nicki suggested. My questioning helped him to see the negotiation through his customer's eyes so that he could prepare his presentation in a way that would be compelling. He secured a multi-million dollar contract, and made it painless for the client. That was powerful coaching and training from Nicki." Rick Winslow, Group Director, Client Development AC Nielsen Canada

"Thanks for another great day of coaching training for me and our sales management team. I have already received positive feedback from two staff who noticed a change in management style; they felt management was actually listening to them more. The improved communication and follow up has already affected the team dynamics, morale and sales in a positive way. It has been time well spent. Thank you." Dianne King, President & CEO Hays Personnel Services (Canada) Inc.

Sales Training:

“In the first six months of working with Nicki, our rep firm has experienced a lot of success. We all went through her Selling With Integrity training program. She coaches me once a month, and coaches our entire sales team once a month.

We have aggressive sales targets this year. Through the first 4 months, we are up 114% over last year, and are 98.4% on track for meeting our numbers - and that's with our top line down by 10%.

One of our reps is on target for a 30% increase in his sales this year, and this number is probably low. Another said he is getting much more face time with prospects and customers. Another reports that he is uncovering bigger and bigger opportunities within his current customer base, and that his sales are better than ever (they were already good). One of our newer reps just uncovered a multi-million $$ opportunity (his first).

I also have a better process for hiring reps. This is money well spent.” Craig Chapman, CPMR, General Manager, CBA Empire

"Nicki Weiss provides great focus when training to maximize sales outcomes for increased results in business. Nicki's tailored approach to situational learning enables greater understanding and ultimately faster results. Moreover, Nicki is fun to work with." Rob Peacock, President and Founder, Peacock Philanthropic Institute

Team Coaching:

"I have a high powered team in the organization. However, in some cases, these individuals were "superstar" performers due to their individual performance rather than impactful leadership. As we grew, this limited leadership capacity and created bottlenecks. The leadership program helped define their leadership, responsibilities, challenges, abilities and capacity. We have seen improved teamwork, alignment and the way we work; but most importantly the capacity for growth."
Albert Low, CFO, Corix Group of Companies

"Change is never easy, and if you "think" you need team change, you are already behind the timeline to DO SOMETHING !! We recently hired Nicki and her partner Chuck Allen to work with our team. We had just experienced a number of difficult situations (including a rotten economy) that made it challenging for our team to work positively and productively together. Nicki and Chuck spent two days with us, helping us have authentic and crucial conversations, clear the air, and get us get back on track. It was a bit challenging, but very revealing to everyone. It was amazing! We are now stronger than ever. We have team agreements that support how we want to interact with each other. We now know how to weather anything that is thrown at us. Nicki and Chuck created the safety and challenge we needed to talk about the elephants in the room (I'm sure you know what I mean!) The teamwork and energy we have regained is unbelievable. We re-established trust, candor, positivity and 'productive fun.' I highly recommend this process to any team that wants to get to the next level in their business. It’s fun; it’s interesting; it is transformational.” Bryan Shirley, President & CEO, MANA

"Thank you for a great workshop today. I received very positive feedback and many of team indicated to me that they felt reborn and energized. So thank you for this." Tricia Houston, Assoc. Director, Clinical Operations NovoNordisk Pharmaceuticals

Leadership Coaching:

"Through coaching, I have become a better leader. Coaching has helped me to let go and allow other team members to take on leadership roles. Team members have grown, and are more trusting and committed to the team and results. Nicki does a great job making you look inside yourself for the answers. She's like the person with the flashlight when you are camping. She helps you get to where you want to be...but a lot quicker." Steve Green, Director of Marketing, Executive Management Team, NovoNordisk Pharmaceuticals

"Nicki is a consummate executive coach committed to accelerating your professional performance.  Her straight forward and honest approach forces moments of deep reflection that drive effective strategies that work for you as an individual.  The highly collaborative environment ensures that you can develop personalized strategies to achieve your goals.  I and my organization are better for this experience.  I highly recommend that you engage Nicki within your organization for improved group and individual performance". Trent McGowan, Vice President - Convenience Channel, Nestle Canada, Customer Business Development.


"I listened to the teleconference - what a great success!!! This is by far the best thing MANA has ever done." Frank Arnold, President CEBridge

“The Sales Coaching TeleForum sessions that we have been conducting with you since October 2004 have been very inspirational to our branch managers, to say the least. The sessions have been powerful and have quickly aided with their sales teams through these mini dialogue sessions. The immediate feedback stated by one of the participants, “Managing my team has become easier and has freed up my time considerably to allow me to get back to my work.”  Another manager reported that his team met quota for the first time because of the skills and concepts learned in the sessions.” Wendy Austin, Sales Training Manager Ricoh Image Communication

"Our key account management team has taken the Selling With Integrity and Strategic Selling programs, with ongoing teleforums.  The selling skills they learned are certainly superior to any I have seen out there...immediately applicable and much more strategic. Nicki has given us new ways of thinking that help us continue to bring in new national accounts, improve our ability to manage complex accounts, and grow our current accounts. Our sales team is nationwide. The unique teleforum approach allows us to bridge the distance gap at a reasonable cost and brings our teams from different regions together. It is an excellent program." Lynn Sandell, VP Sales & Marketing Summer Fresh Salad