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An internationally acclaimed professional speaker, Nicki Weiss is an expert at helping individuals, teams and organizations elevate their skills and culture in order to catapult growth.
Her speeches and workshops engage audiences with enthusiasm and excitement for what’s possible, and gives them specific tips and techniques to take their work to the next level.
Her style is interactive, thoughtful, lively, and irreverent.

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My work is constantly evolving, and the following topic summaries are snapshots of recent offerings. Please consider these as starting points for the perfect workshop or keynote. Click on the links below to find out more.

Tribal Leadership

Do you think about how the culture of your organization helps, or hinders, the creation of an exciting, dynamic place to be, where everyone does their best work?

I think about it all the time. I see organizations trying hard to deliver on their strategic plan, year after year, and frequently missing the boat. 

Because culture eats strategy for lunch.

So I created a program, specifically for conferences or sales meetings, to help you understand what is working in your organization, what is not working, and how to get what is not working to work.

Landing Whale Sized Deals
Small and medium sized fish can keep you fed on a daily basis.  But it can feel relentless to always be looking for your next meal.

Whale sized deals can keep your company’s fridge full for a long time. 

Finding and landing whale sized deals, by definition, are opportunities that are larger than one person can handle.  Sure, salespeople can get lucky and land the random whale.  However, if you want to learn a process that consistently leads to whale sized deals, this is the workshop for you.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Sales Leaders Make…and How To Fix Them
Leading teams is challenging.  The sales leader’s main goal is to influence and inspire others to create value and do their best work.  And yet, the primary reason people leave their job is because their boss does just the opposite.  In this session, learn the most common mistakes sales leaders make, with specific ideas to address each mistake to make sure you leave a legacy…not a mess. 

The 5 Biggest Mistake Salespeople Make…and How to Fix Them
Most salespeople are well intentioned and really want to do right by their customers.  So it can be confusing as to why you’re not selling more…why you’re having problems gaining entry to key decision makers…and what you’re doing that may impact your customers negatively.

In this session you will learn:

  • The 5 most common mistakes salespeople make and what you can do to prevent them
  • What causes these mistakes so you can be on the lookout
  • Behaviors that customers value most and will pull out their wallets for
  • Practical tips and techniques to change your mistakes

Coach to Create A Team of Sales Superstars
Effective coaches and leaders => increased sales results and a positive, co-operative work environment.

Coaching is the single most important competency for sales managers in order to retain, develop, and motivate their reps. 

Most managers spend a lot of time worrying about how to: increase sales, motivate the unmotivated, drive revenue and margins in a tough economy, make sure their reps are uncovering BIG opportunities and not wasting anyone’s time, create real accountability, and have the time to do it all.

Worry no more.  If you are serious about getting your reps to perform at higher levels, this workshop for you. 

The Inside Team (aka self talk)
We all know the frustration of trying to overcome a long-standing obstacle or make some other significant change in our lives, only to find our good intentions derailed by potholes and roadblocks that send us careening into the ditch. While some of these obstacles may be external, the truth is that most of what gets in the way of our good intentions comes from inside us. And only by going inside can we find the solution that will genuinely free us up to move forward toward meaningful action that produces lasting results.

That's where the Inside Team comes in.

The idea that we have different parts of ourselves is as old as the hills. Beyond notions of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, The Inside Team is an incredibly powerful tool for sales leaders and their teams to uncover, and unblock, the road to success. 

Creating Customer-Focused Conversations To Win More Sales
Busy decision makers have little tolerance for most salespeople. Even those who try to be service-oriented are quickly dismissed. Unless you can quickly capture their attention and engage them in a discussion, they're ready to usher you out the door. In this presentation, you'll learn how to maximize the time you're allotted to your best advantage when you do finally meet with Ms/Mr. Big.

Turn Objections Into Sales
Objections ~ those stumbling blocks that keep you and your customer from moving forward.  Sometimes you recognize them immediately; sometimes you go away scratching your head…wondering what happened.  If you have ever been confused about how to handle objections, or would like to gain more confidence to handle them effectively, this workshop is for you.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • To become more aware of your unintentional sales behaviors that cause prospects and customers to object
  • How objections can be a good thing
  • What to plan for so you don’t get surprised on a call
  • Practical, effective strategies for overcoming obstacles and eliminating objections
  • And more…

How to Run Effective Sales Meetings
The best way to build the ultimate sales machine and to keep it running as smoothly as possible is to hold regular, highly productive, workshop-style meetings, dedicated to improving every aspect of your business. 

Meeting management tends to be a set of skills often overlooked by sales leaders and managers. Keep in mind that meetings are very expensive activities when one considers the cost of labor for the meeting and how much can or cannot get done in them. So take meeting management very seriously.