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Welcome to the Saleswise resource page.

Here you will find our informative short videos with tips & techniques to help you move your sales to the next level. Watch & enjoy!

SalesWise Tip #1 "Closing"

Learn how to get to the next step with more ease and more customer commitment 1 min

SalesWise Tip #2 "Coach-like Leadership"

Grow your business by expanding your leadership capacity. When you become a more effective coach-like leader your team will sell more. 1Min

SalesWise Tip #3 "Landing Whale Sized Deals"

Always looking for your next meal? Stop fishing and start whale hunting. Learn the secrets of scouting and landing BIG deals. 1Min

Saleswise Tip #5 Understanding Customer Needs

Learn the listening techniques and the best questions to earn your customers' trust and respect. Watch the boost in your sales when you stop talking & start listening. 1.25Mins

Saleswise Tip # 6 "Pilots and Navigators"

Learn how to propel more sales by acting as the navigator. Serve your prospects & customers with a colaborative approach to sales conversations. 1.25Mins

Saleswise Tip #7 "The Myth of the Lone Wolf"

Achieve your business goals by going from a culture of "me" to a culture of "we". Salespeople, business owners, team members: Learn about the importance of developing your tribe. 2 Mins

Saleswise Tip # 8 "Values"

Bring your core values to your work and gain a competitve advantage. A company that sees it's values as core can will move quickly, grow and sell more! 2Mins


Introduction to Teleforums: For Sales Teams

Learn the numerous benefits of Saleswise teleforums for your sales meetings, training sessions, coaching conversations. Move faster to drive more revenue with the convenience, focused agenda & expert facilitation of teleforums. 2.5Mins

SalesWise - Sharpening Sales Leadership

Is your team stretched to the limit? Unlock your teams natural strengths in order to produce consistently extraordinary results. 1Min

SalesWise - Tips for Getting Larger Sales

Learn how to create a culture that supports collaboration in order to land larger sales, with more ease and more fun. 1Min

Saleswise Coaching

Learn how to effectively coach your reps and watch your profits increase. 2Mins

Improve Selling Skills: Stop Premature Explanation

Is your eagerness leaving too much money on the table for your competitors to scoop up? Learn how curiosity can lead you to more sales. 3Mins