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Sales Training

Do you want to improve selling skills, fully develop existing accounts or prospect for new ones with ease and confidence? SalesWise has developed a series of targeted, relevant sales training courses and programs covering a variety of essential sales and selling skills. 

Personally taught by Nicki Weiss, each training program offers all the tools and components required to produce long-lasting results. To ensure that sales skill and proficiency continues to improve, SaleWise provides follow-up sales training and coaching by phone.

"Nicki Weiss provides great focus when training to maximize sales outcomes for increased results in business. Nicki's tailored approach to situational learning enables greater understanding and ultimately faster results. Moreover, Nicki is fun to work with."

Rob Peacock, President and Founder, Peacock Philanthropic Institute

Sales Training Programs & Courses

I Hate Cold Calling: Alternate Marketing Approaches That Really Work

Imagine you’re a general, and you and your military advisers are designing an attack on a fortified position. One of your officers makes this suggestion: “Let’s attack the target with one soldier.” You look at him as if he’s crazy. “All right, then we’ll attack it with one plane.” Now you know he’s crazy, and tell him so. “OK, then, we’ll fire one missile at it.”

You can see immediately how useless – and suicidal – sending in just one of anything is going to be. Yet that is exactly what cold calling is. Salespeople in every industry often pick a single spot and go after it single-handedly. Then you wonder why you don’t get results!

Cold calling can be time consuming and ineffective. A modern, effective sales strategy is to create simple marketing campaigns to help pique your prospect's interest, therefore creating a willingness on their part to talk to you, even if just for a few minutes.

This program is for a team of salespeople. In it, you will learn how to get motivated, qualified prospects to chase you instead of you chasing them. With a marketing perspective (vs. a prospecting perspective) you can grow your business substantially, levelling out the peaks and valleys that haunt most sales organizations.

Selling With Integrity 

You know what your prospects and customers are thinking-all the time? Every time you interact with them, they're evaluating you and asking themselves: "Is this a person (company) I want to work with on a long-term basis?"

  • If they feel pressure from you, the answer is no.
  • If they feel like you're trying too hard to be liked, the answer is no.
  • If they don't think you understand their business, the answer is no.
  • If they get overwhelmed by what you're saying, the answer is no.
  • So what makes them say, "Yes, I want to work with you!"

In this unique sales training program, sales representatives develop their selling skills by putting the emphasis on customer-oriented sales conversations.  Learn how to sell without being aggressive.   The Selling With Integrity sales training course is based on the concept that buyers know the outcomes they want to achieve. By implementing collaborative and respectful conversations, focused squarely on the customers’ needs – NOT on your products - you distinguish yourself as a superior salesperson, achieving extraordinary results.

For salespeople who are serious about creating meaningful impact to their bottom line, this sales training course is a must.  You'll get continuous learning in a powerful format that is effective and convenient.

Strategic Selling 

A highly interactive sales training program, this seminar is aimed at uncovering the complexities that salespeople face in large account selling and long sales cycles. Participants will consider the customer's organizational and personal needs as well as uncovering all the factors that affect the sale. From this information, they are in a good position to create a complete strategy and powerful action plan. This will help them keep momentum in the account, create stronger relationships across the organization, and grow the business.

Landing Whale Sized Deals 

Finding and landing whale sized deals, by definition, are opportunities that are larger than one person can handle. That means you need to collaborate – on steroids – with all the members of your organization, key people at the customer organization, and perhaps a host of other suppliers for products and services that you don’t offer.

Whale sized deals probably come to your organization every now and again. If you want to create a culture that focuses on the strategies and skills required to regularly land whale sized deals, this program is a must for key members of your organization.

Small and medium sized fish can keep you fed on a daily basis. Whale sized deals can keep your company’s fridge full for a long time.

Learn to create a culture of intense collaboration, discipline, and strategy. Landing whale sized deals requires leadership at all levels of the organization. The process is fun, engaging, and profitable.

Professional Sales Negotiation 

Most salespeople don’t understand the difference between selling and negotiating. Negotiating sounds sexy…selling sounds manipulative. However, selling is a more complex and difficult process, because it is the skill of creating value. Negotiating is the skill of trading once the customer sees the value but can’t live with some aspect of your offer. This sales negotiating training program provides participants with the fundamentals of negotiating: what it is, when to do it, how negotiating differs from selling, and the skills and concepts needed to do it well. This ensures that salespeople will be better prepared to satisfy their customers, their organizations, and themselves when they negotiate.

Consulting Success:  Deepen Client Relationships and Unleash the Magic 

When you're acting as a consultant or consultative sales person, particularly on highly technical projects, you're in the relationship business.  No matter how research-based or technical the project, it will always reach a point when the success of the work will hinge on the quality of the relationship with your client.  This relationship is the conduit through which your expertise passes.
What are your relationships like?

This program will give you the skills to design meetings so that you and your client can connect quickly, pinpoint the real issue and get to the business of discovering what you want from each other.