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We teach selling and influencing for engineers and other technical professionals who love their product but not selling. Click here to learn more


We coach sales managers, senior management and executives on how to make decisions that move you and your teams forward, away from the chaos and into success.  Executive coaching is about breaking through your mental blocks and opening your mind to innovative decisions.  You achieve your goals faster and easier.

"Nicki is a consummate executive coach committed to accelerating your professional performance.  Her straight forward and honest approach forces moments of deep reflection that drive effective strategies that work for you as an individual.  The highly collaborative environment ensures that you can develop personalized strategies to achieve your goals.  I and my organization are better for this experience.  I highly recommend that you engage Nicki within your organization for improved group and individual performance".

Trent McGowan, Vice President -
Convenience Channel, Nestle Canada, Customer Business Development.

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