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Rep Firm Training

For Sales Managers

Improve Your Sales Management Skills

Everyone knows that successful and productive sales teams begin with effective sales management. However, managing an independent sales force of manufacturers' agents is a highly challenging task - one that is completely different from managing a force of employees.

How do you manage without controlling? How do you make sure your products are well represented?

SalesWise has proven programs and customized sales management training courses based on issues and needs specifically for rep firm/agency leaders.

Management Training Programs for Rep Firm/Agency Leaders - Programs & Courses

Coach-like Leadership for Owners & Managers

How do YOU bring out the best in each independent sales agent? In this sales management training program, managers learn to adopt a coach-like leadership skills and mindset, understand performance drivers and how to have impactful coaching conversations. They'll learn how to get peak performance out of their independent sales force. 

Rep firm/agency leaders get powerful learning in a safe, ongoing, and supportive environment.  The results are long-lasting; SalesWise provides ongoing learning and practice so your sales managers become proficient – even masterful – coach-like leaders, coaching their team of salespeople to peak performance, and increased profitability for your company.

Landing Whale Sized Deals

Small and medium sized fish can keep you fed on a daily basis. But it can feel relentless to always be looking for your next meal.

Whale sized deals can keep your company’s fridge full for a long time.

Finding and landing whale sized deals, by definition, are opportunities that are larger than one person can handle. Sure, salespeople can get lucky and land the random whale. However, if you want to learn a process that consistently leads to whale sized deals, this program is a must for your entire rep firm.

Learn to create a culture of intense collaboration, discipline, and strategy. Landing whale sized deals requires leadership at all levels of the organization. The process is fun, engaging, and profitable.

For Manufacturers’ Reps

Improve Your Selling Skills

As a manufacturers' agent it's sometimes easy to fall into a sales rut. SalesWise has developed a series of targeted, relevant sales training programs covering a variety of essential sales and selling skills. Skills that are an absolute must to be successful as a manufacturers' rep.

Working with a sales trainer/coach is about learning, change and transformation – to grow and generate new, adaptive and successful sales behaviors and actions. In today's changing world or global competition and commoditization of products, new strategies are crucial to your survival.

To get the best return on your sales training investment, SalesWise ensures that each one of our sales training programs integrates ongoing follow-up. Targeted and effective, you get customized programs designed to the needs of your rep firm and sales people. Learn more about our sales training, training for sales managers and team-building training.

Sales Training for Reps - Programs & Courses

I Hate Cold Calling: A Better Way for Reps to Prospect and Get In

Imagine you’re a general, and you and your military advisers are designing an attack on a fortified position. One of your officers makes this suggestion: “Let’s attack the target with one soldier.” You look at him as if he’s crazy. “All right, then we’ll attack it with one plane.” Now you know he’s crazy, and tell him so. “OK, then, we’ll fire one missile at it.”

You can see immediately how useless – and suicidal – sending in just one of anything is going to be. Yet that is exactly what cold calling is. Manufacturers’ reps often pick a single spot and go after it single-handedly. Then you wonder why you don’t get results!

The secret is learning how to develop effective marketing systems that attract business instead of you begging for it.

This program is for a team of salespeople. In it, you will learn how to get motivated, qualified prospects to chase you instead of you chasing them. With a marketing perspective (vs. a prospecting perspective) you can grow your business substantially, levelling out the peaks and valleys that haunt most manufacturers’ rep firms.

Selling With Integrity for Manufacturers’ Reps

Achieve extraordinary sales results. Find out how a customer-focused sales approach can build trust and long-term relationships. A must for any manufacturers' rep organization serious about creating a meaningful impact to their bottom line, you'll increase your sales, be more productive and build customer loyalty.

In this program reps will learn to:

  • Conduct successful sales calls that build trust and long term relationships
  • A step-by-step process for having clear, meaningful, customer-focused conversations
  • Identify common objections and respond to them openly and effectively
  • Increased pride in how you sell
  • Sell more in less time
  • Practice the skills in a safe and supportive environment

Strategic Selling for Manufacturers’ Reps

A highly interactive sales training program, this seminar is aimed at uncovering the customer's organizational and personal needs as well as understanding and controlling the factors that affect the sale. In today's market of intense competition and customer sophistication, this sales training course shows reps how to see deeply into their accounts. With the help of the other participants, you will figure out strategies to get unstuck, navigate large accounts, go higher/deeper/wider, develop more/better relationships, and establish clear next steps in order to keep momentum in the account.

Professional Sales Negotiating Skills for Manufacturers’ Reps

Often seen as one of the most difficult part of any reps job, the sales negotiation skill set is one of the most critical. SalesWise will show you when to transition from selling to negotiating - simply, naturally and effectively. Find out how to deal with objections and obstructions effortlessly. Learn the 4 key negotiating strategies to help everyone win. You'll stop giving away the farm, have more confidence under pressure, and create an environment that is conducive for creating strong and lasting partnerships.