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We’ll help you slow down and be more successful

Chances are you have limited (or no) in-house sales training and coaching resources. It’s also a good bet you’ve got a mile-long to-do list of projects that would really lift your business—if only you could get to them.

Get help in both departments. Become a better coach and manager of your sales reps (or let us do it for you). Get the strategic support to select and complete the projects that will make the biggest difference to your business.

You decide on on the best approach. Choose a mix of:

Team Development: Imagine the success your rep firm could achieve if you could leverage everyone’s strengths by truly working together. Learn more about Team Development for rep firms

Sales Leadership Training: A successful and productive rep sales team begins with effective sales management.  Research shows that the most effective sales managers are coach-like leaders. Learn about our Coach-like Leadership Training.

Watch a short video about Sales Leadership Training for rep firms

Sales Training: Turn your reps into superstars with our 2-day course to learn new concepts, followed by facilitated monthly or bi-weekly coaching calls to build proficiency and mastery at the inner game of sales. See all the sales training courses we offer.

Watch a short video about common sales mistakes and how to fix them

Teleforums: Our specialty. Teleforums are conference calls with a format and agenda customized to your needs. The power comes from expert outside facilitation, built-in accountability and monthly or bi-weekly repetition. Watch the video: All About Teleforums.

One-on-One Coaching: Become more coach-like. Help your reps see how to improve without criticizing them. Discover how to resist taking over your weekly call-in sessions. Learn how to facilitate, not dictate. See the world of difference a new approach makes to your reps’ willingness to engage and share. In your business, get fresh support to set priorities and think through how to seize your best opportunities. Learn more about One-on-One Coaching

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