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Rep Council Facilitation

In my work with manufacturers’ reps, one thing I hear over and over is how important and valuable well run Rep Council meetings are with their manufacturers.

A Rep Council is an advisory group comprised of key manufacturer management and individuals selected from a cross section of the company’s representative organizations.

Rep councils are a powerful management tool. They provide a vehicle for an open discussion on any and all subjects which influence the representative and manufacturer relationship. Through the establishment of formalized meetings with agendas and goals, a vehicle is provided to discuss, analyze, review, suggest, and implement new policies, procedures, and strategies designed to positively impact the sales and marketing of the manufacturers’ products.

A Rep Council also provides an excellent sounding board for new ideas. However, it must operate in an open and free manner. An atmosphere must be created and maintained which allows the discussion of controversial subject manner without recrimination.

Done well, Rep Councils provide an open forum for the candid discussion of problems and opportunities in the market place. Done poorly, Rep Councils can be a monumental waste of time, talent, and money.

If you would like any of your manufacturers to establish a Rep Council – or do a better job with their current Rep Council - please contact me.

As an impartial facilitator with deep experience working with both independent reps and their manufacturers, my presence in your Rep Council can make a positive difference.

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