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About Us

What we Do—and Why it Works

Over 25 years, Saleswise has learned how to do 2 things really well:

1. Deliver sales leadership and skills training, team development programs and leadership coaching that drive success.
2. Make training and coaching easy to access.

We’ll transform your culture to support success. We’ll start by asking:

  • What kind of culture do you have?
  • What are your values?
  • How well does your leader support motivation, commitment, learning, collaboration and innovation?

On site: We’ll begin with onsite sessions to build a trusting relationship with your people while starting the skills improvement process. We’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t—and figure out how to get what’s not working to change.

Follow Up: We follow up with ongoing teleforums customized to your needs. The power of Saleswise follow ups come from expert facilitation, learning buddies, built in accountability and monthly or bi-weekly repetition. See the All About Teleforums video (3mins)

This regular reinforcement and encouragement of improved internal relationships and skills development is what creates a culture shift and permanent improvement.

We could say more—but it’s easier to watch the video: See the 1-minute Culture Shift video (coming soon)

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