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Team Development

To work well together, whether it is within an engineering department or as part of a cross-functional team, technical people must have:

1.) Excellent technical skills and expertise
2.) Excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills

Unfortunately, technical people can sometimes view team development programs as unimportant “soft” skills.

The “soft” skills are the hard skills.

SalesWise specializes in team development specifically for functional and cross-functional engineers and tech teams. Our genius is coaching people to transition from “me” to “we”, in a way that is highly interactive, fun, respectful, and sustainable.

Working with your team, SalesWise helps your people to understand their team’s dynamics, for better or for worse. Teams discover what’s working between team members and what isn’t. Through a variety of activities, we help teams figure out how they can communicate and collaborate more positively and productively.

When teams engage in these important conversations, they are able to drive more revenue, and work together with more ease, speed, and power. Teams also report a decrease in miscommunication, politics and team dysfunctions.

Team development brings out the best in everyone.

We work with leaders to develop a program that is custom-designed to meet the needs of their team. We then provide team development coaching to help the group move from where they are now to where they want to be.

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