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Sales Training for Engineers

 Whether you are engineer responsible for driving revenue and working closely with customers, or play a behind-the-scenes role, more and more engineers are involved in some aspect of the sales conversation.

SalesWise offers sales training for sales teams and non-sales teams to help them move from telling a customer about a product to confidently creating lasting and profitable business relationships.

Engineers often find themselves facing the following challenges:

  • Product demonstrations tend to be a “feature dump” that lack finesse or persuasion.
  • They are unsure of how to build long-term customer relationships.
  • Engineers feel like they need to adopt a different “sales persona” and want to sell authentically.
  • Product presentations can get bogged down in technical details, losing the interest of the audience/key stakeholders.
  • A lack of understanding of people’s motivations and the emotional influences on sales decisions.
  • Not enough training in verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Sales engineers, engineers and technical people tend to focus on providing technically accurate and detailed solutions. However, this is not enough to navigate to confusing waters of sophisticated, complex, and long sales cycles.

Our sales training programs help engineers, product visionaries and technical people learn to have sales conversations that get their customers excited, build trust, and drive more revenue.

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