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Engineers & Tech People: Increase Your Influence

As an engineer, product visionary or tech person, you’re used to solving problems, and you know how to trouble-shoot with the best of them. You’re confident in your product expertise and abilities. But when you’re asked to lead organizations and teams, call on prospects and customers to develop needs for your services, deliver a product demonstration or support the close of a sale, you feel your hands go clammy.

By the very nature of the job, engineers have a strong background in science, but rarely have the necessary professional development in sales or leadership to do the job well. Yet, they find themselves in the unique position of having to lead organizations, manage teams and sell.
Learn the leadership and selling/influencing skills that are so essential to your career. Engineers and tech personnel must know how to communicate complex ideas simply and persuasively, help their team members develop professionally, build relationships, or sell a new idea or project to management or another company.

Engineer and tech teams are the perfect match for Saleswise. We are experts in helping technical people become good salespeople, effective coach-like managers, and stellar leaders. We’ve worked with tech people and teams in a variety of industries, enabling them to expand their leadership capacity by developing strong people skills and relationship-building abilities. We help engineers raise their sales game and assist teams to transition from “me” to “we” in order to leverage all the talent.

Discover our programs aimed at expanding leadership and team building capabilities, consultative and strategic selling and influencing abilities specifically for engineers and technical people. Click on the links below, or call Nicki at 416-778-4145.

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Saleswise Academy - Learn how to sell when you love your product but hate selling:

  • Despite its importance in every phase of business, high schools, colleges, universities and graduate schools don’t teach selling. Go figure.
  • Engineers with high emotional intelligence outperform the competition... we'll show you how.
  • Quickly engage customers in meaningful, interesting and purposeful conversations... we'll teach you the techniques.

"You make our learning process fun. The SalesWise Academy training has provided me with the tools to refine my sales skills in an ever changing sales environment." Read more

"Based on this week’s lesson, I was able to dig further into my customer’s needs.  I uncovered an opportunity worth much more than I had originally anticipated. [ ] This investment is absolutely paying off." Read more

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