SalesWise Academy

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Rep Firms and Independents:
We know just how to help you

Whether you’re an owner or independent, it’s easy to feel like the jam in the sandwich between equally demanding principals and customers. Who wouldn’t get overwhelmed when each customer wants the best solution the best price and every principal wants to be number one?

Learn how to slow down and become more strategic. See how reps can leverage one another and become stronger together. Discover our proven way to work with rep teams and independents scattered all over North America.

If you’re a rep firm owner, you’re likely entrepreneurial and great at sales, but not crazy about managing your reps. You may be so busy chasing new lines you don’t have time to think about things like succession planning and a strategy for your firm’s future.

Saleswise works with lots of rep firm owners. We help them slow down, achieve more and have more fun. We give them breathing space plus know-how to market their businesses and coach their reps to be more successful. Learn how Saleswise works with owners.

If you’re an independent rep, we know how lonely that life can be. We work with reps who sell engineered solutions to tech OEMs, the military and manufacturers and those who sell off-the-shelf lines. Learn how Saleswise works with reps.