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Sales Training to Build Process and Skills

Our Sales Training Programs & Courses

Do you want to improve selling skills, fully develop existing accounts, land whale sized accounts, or prospect for new ones with ease and confidence? SalesWise has developed a series of targeted, relevant sales training courses and programs covering a variety of essential sales and selling skills. Saleswise’s unique combination of onsite sessions and regular facilitated teleforums will create permanent change in your sales teams. Click on each sales training program to learn more.

  1. I Hate Cold Calling!: A Better Way for Reps to Prospect and Get In

  2. Selling With Integrity for Reps

  3. Landing Whale Sized Deals

  4. Professional Sales Negotiation

  5. Consulting Success: Deepen Client Relationships and Unleash the Magic

Using the power of expert facilitation, built-in accountability and repetition, you and your reps will learn and practice how to:

  • Close more sales in less time
  • Blow your sales targets and goals out of the water
  • Navigate complex deals and sales easily and confidently
  • Shave hours off your work week by leveraging your time
  • Avoid the top 5 deal killers in sales situations
  • Discover every prospect's real needs, and get commitment to buy
  • Generate a steady referral stream, without hounding
  • Attract business naturally by staying pumped, energetic and positive
  • Develop long-term, high-yield relationships with your customers

Each training program offers all the tools and components required to produce long-lasting results. To get the best return on your sales training investment, SalesWise ensures that each one of our sales training programs integrates ongoing follow-up. Targeted and effective, you get customized sales training programs designed to the needs of your sales & service organization. 
 All of our sales training programs can be held on-site throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, as well, the Saleswise team can hold training sessions on-site throughout North America.

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