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SalesWise Academy

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SalesWise Academy helps leaders and members of their technical sales and sales support teams work together to get the results that make them proud. Our members receive short, easy-to-apply lessons on strategically chosen topics.

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Wed Apr 26th 

Noble Sales Purpose = Consistent Sales Growth

The latest research on the common quality all top performers and teams share is that they have a purpose that is bigger than themselves and bigger than making their numbers.

Everyone wants to know that their work matters. And yet very few of us can crisply articulate how we make a difference in our customer’s lives and business. Those who can typically outperform the market by 15:1.

In our upcoming SalesWise Academy lesson, our focus is to develop your team’s noble sales purpose. *

What we will cover:

  • The focus of your internal conversations and ignite or kill the quality of your customer conversations
  • The two powerful questions to improve your internal and external conversations, so you cultivate a sense of pride which translates into bigger and better sales

* Adapted from Selling with Noble Purpose by Lisa Earl McLeod ( and Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan and John King (

Discovering your Noble Sales Purpose = more revenue for you and your customers!

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Every day, sales managers and leaders wake up knowing they and their sales team need to sharpen their focus and skills. And yet, these managers don’t necessarily have the time, tools, programs, resources or patience to continuously train and coach sales, communication, relationship building, and strategy skills. Our powerful and practical program and tools, delivered to your inbox in bite sized chunks, is for busy managers and salespeople on the go. No need to take time out of the field or pay for flights and hotels. You can be anywhere.

You are going to love what you learn!

The program is run by the president of SalesWise, Nicki Weiss. Members of the SalesWise Academy say their customer interactions are now more positive and productive, and feed their bank accounts more easily.

SalesWise Academy works!

“By applying what I learned in the SalesWise Academy, I recently uncovered two whale sized opportunities: one is worth $2M…the other could be worth $30M or more. This is a very effective program.” Taylor Veleke, Field Applications Engineer, Mel Foster Company

“I love this program. My team is regularly making progress because I am becoming a more effective leader. The leadership audios and open mics give me ideas and confidence to try new leadership practices. I am delegating more, have included learning and role playing into our weekly team meetings, and started 1:1 coaching. These are practices I knew were important, but wasn’t doing. Our team is now consistently going from good to great, and from great to greater.” Martin Carter, President, CheMarCo

“The SalesWise Academy content and process are excellent. We have sales managers, account managers, and engineers in the program. We sell highly engineered forged solutions. Our selling skills, strategic thinking, and ability to be more effective with our customers has definitely improved.” Tony Biell, Director of Metallurgy, Scot Forge

“My team is more skilled and more confident since we’ve been participating in the SalesWise Academy. And I have new ideas to make me a better leader.” Matt Tofanelli, Owner, EMT Engineering Sales, Inc.

“The SalesWise Academy has helped our field applications engineers become extremely effective with our customers and the reps they work with.” Mike Swenson, President, Mel Foster Company

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