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SalesWise Academy

We teach selling and influencing for engineers and other technical professionals who love their product but not selling. Click here to learn more

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Whether an owner or independent rep, you’re the tuna in the sandwich between demanding principals and customers. It’s easy to feel. MORE

You’ve been through lots of changes. You have a vision for what your company could be—if only your employees and teams could make that leap MORE

Too often engineers and tech people just like you have
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but without the necessary training. MORE
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SalesWise Academy

Drive Revenue to YOUR Business

SalesWise Academy helps leaders and members of their technical sales and sales support teams work together to get the results that make them proud. Our members receive short, easy-to-apply lessons on strategically chosen topics.

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April 1st

The Conversation Roadmap For Technical Reps and Sales Engineers

Lack of customer knowledge is a substantial and hidden obstacle. Rarely will you hear a customer say, “You don’t know us well enough to close the deal.” More often, they’ll just tell you that they prefer the competition or claim that your price is too high. But the reason the customer prefers the competition or believes your price is too high is because you haven’t demonstrated enough value.

And most leaders don’t have a proven process to help their people gather valuable customer intelligence.

For our SalesWise Academy members, our focus on Wednesday, April 1 and follow up open mic on April 6 is about the 5 categories of critical information to gather from customers…and how to coach your people to gather this information.

If you haven’t yet enrolled yourself, your technical sales reps, sales engineers, or others who interact with your customers in the Academy, now is a good time.

What we will cover:

  1. The 5 categories of critical customer information
  2. A simple process for leaders to ensure their team members uncover this information
  3. 10 great questions for reps and field engineers to gather superior customer intelligence

Driving better customer intelligence = more revenue for you and your customers!

You are going to love what you learn! Feel free to forward this email to others in your orbit who could benefit from this type of professional development.

The program is run by the president of SalesWise, Nicki Weiss. Technical reps, sales engineers, and leaders of technical teams who have participated in the SalesWise Academy say their customer interactions are now more positive and productive, and feed their bank accounts more easily. You are going to love what you learn!

Here’s what our members are saying:

“By applying what I learned in the SalesWise Academy, I recently uncovered two whale sized opportunities: one is worth $2M…the other could be worth $30M or more. This is a very effective program.” Taylor Veleke, Field Applications Engineer, Mel Foster Company

“With the SalesWise Academy, our team gets stronger and stronger. We are constantly learning and working together in ways that matter, serve our customers, and makes us proud.” Martin Carter, President, CheMarCo

“My team is more skilled and more confident since we’ve been participating in the SalesWise Academy. And I have new ideas to make me a better leader.” Matt Tofanelli, Owner, EMT Engineering Sales, Inc.

“The SalesWise Academy has helped our field applications engineers become extremely effective with our customers and the reps they work with.” Mike Swenson, President, Mel Foster Company

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